If u were in present during later part of 1930’s or know someone from that era, U might be familiar with concept of View-Master. And for those who don’t know about it here is a brief summary for View-Master.

View-Master is a trade mark for unique- format stereoscope along with reels for same, the reels were basically cardboard disc containing stereoscopic 3-D colored images. Initially started up with purpose of tourist entertainment of all ages, it saw a change in middle of 1960’s when it was inclined as toys for children. And it’s again undergoing a major reform in 2K15 as a Virtual Reality toy.

Tech giants Google and Mattel are leading this major reform for this yesterday’s tech. With completely different MO and price from Google Glass, it is mainly developed keeping families as their target. It can be plugged in smartphones and with help of an app managing it; it will be capable of sending users from a roadside or a boring party to deep space or Jurassic age as per their interest.

Mattel describes new View-master as user friendly and will have an affordable price range so that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets.

View-Master will be available at your nearest shelves at the end of falls this year. A sample reel will cost about $29.99, giving you a life like experience of being in a space shuttle. Other Reels will be sold separately for $14.99, which will be theme based with themes such as famous places, exotic natural sceneries and what not to attract children of various ages. They will be available in form of retro looking cardboard disc similar to original reel concept, with a difference that it will be placed on a surface and scanned by View-Master instead of inserting them or in form of download-able updates for tech savvy people.

View-Master will set up a whole new level for people who are into Virtual Reality and may turn out as a key for development in this field. It is not that efforts haven’t been made to improve this field; even this project is inspired from technology of Google Cardboard, an earlier attempt from Google to provide users an interactive Virtual reality environment. Similar to cardboard it will have a slot for placing smartphones along with lenses that will separate images into two for users.

While other specs for View-master aren’t announced but a lot of hope is riding on this fusion of old-school tech with modern knowledge.


With Google and Mattel launching View-Master, a yesterday tech, stepping in this modern age as a Virtual reality toy, has been successful in creating waves and drawing attention. View-Master hit shelves about 75 years ago and has been undergoing reforms since then form a tourist useful device to a toy for children and now a virtual reality toy for families. It will hit shelves, later this year in fall during holiday rush with an affordable price of $30 and additional reels for $15. . A huge amount of potential has been shown by View-Master as a virtual reality entertainment device for kids.


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