Windows 10: updates will be mandatory

Consumer users of Windows 10 will not have any option except to take the setup of automatic updates, even should applications for them bust

Microsoft’s Windows 10 will drive automatic updates on to house users with systems that that cannot be disabled.

Enterprise and professional versions of Windows 10 will be given more control over the setup of upgrades.

Past making sure the system works as expected and just fixing bugs, upgrades to Windows are critical for shielding users from hackers and cybercriminals and preserving the protection of the operating system.

Windows 10 has just two choices for upgrades: request to reboot the computer, install and reboot the computer mechanically, or just download, install and download.

The automatic updates will help better protect users, but are not likely to be popular. Many of Microsoft’s core audience are cautious of upgrades, especially those who don’t use a computer frequently and are frequently faced with an upgrade display that is inevitable whenever trying to do something.

Automatic updates may additionally create a scenario where something breaks on a computer system, possibly a legacy application. Now upgrades happening can quit and preserve function.

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