Windows 10 free update BUT only for a year!


Terry Myerson, the executive vice president of Operating Systems group of Microsoft or the Chief of the Windows, verified the news that windows 7, 8, 8.1 and windows phone users with 8.1 operating system will get free up gradation to windows 10. But ONLY for one year. Yes friends! This is the trick of Microsoft. It is like for one year we will use it for free but after that automatically we will be asked to pay for it. So it is a fact that no one likes to go from higher version to a lower version so a thought comes here that most of the users and organisations and companies will pay for it without thinking much. It is a good way of making money without letting the users feel low. So we will get free windows 10 only for a year and not forever. Usually we had to pay to upgrade our old windows to a newer version but this time it is free. This is a good strategy to make more n more people use new version of the windows. Windows 10 will be having a new browser named Spartan. It has more features than the old internet explorer. Instead if internet explorer, now Spartan will be the default web browser for windows operating system. It is faster than the previous browser. Now we also have touch office. Those who are already using windows 10 preview will be able to cargo their computer systems with extra beta software. The previews of touch office applications has already been released by Microsoft. Microsoft word, power point and excel previews can now be downloaded and used free of cost. These are available for desktop computers and tablets. These are available for keyboard and mouse users and touch users also. Microsoft is providing different ranges of channels for different users so that they can get immediate updates as soon as they come. So the users will get latest features immediately. However the security features are same.


Myerson said that they think windows as a service. It means that now the developers could target to every device that uses windows operating system and its services. MS has also stopped providing official updates to windows 7. This is because they wanted the users to update their systems to latest softwares, however ultimately or lately the users will have to pay and no other option will be left to get full fledge features.

So all the best to all the windows users. Hope this new operating system will satisfy you by its awesome features.


Finally there is a good news for the keen users of the windows operating system. Microsoft has now started providing free updations to windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 to users to windows 10 but this update is free only for one year. Eventually after that you will have to pay for it. Indeed this is a good trick of Microsoft to make money and let more and more users and organisations to use latest versions and facility provided by the hard working software geeks. On one hand some interesting features like new web browser “Spartan” has been introduced whereas on the other hand many new updates to apps has been released free of cost. So windows users might be very happy. Let’s see what else Microsoft brings for us in future.

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