Windows 10 Automatic Updates Mess Up Nvidia Drivers

With Windows 10, Microsoft has made a decision to drive if it were restricted to only security upgrades, automatic updates, which might not be an extremely big deal. The Windows 10 driven automatic updates, however, extend to other regions too, including drivers. This really is an issue as it can go in a variety of problems with third party drivers as well as the battle between them results.

As Forbes points out, NVIDIA users mainly affect because the automatic updates of Windows 10 conflict with NVIDIA graphics card upgrades that use the NVIDIA GeForce Encounter. To put it simply, users have control over the upgrades, as Windows 10 will make them all compulsory – including upgrades to drivers. This move aims to improve stability and security for PC users, but might cause some headaches on the way.

The battle happens when they are not correctly synced if Windows Update and both NVIDIA’s own upgrade software manage driver upgrades. Each attempt to install it, which will create a loop and could contemplate it’s the latest driver, and users cannot quit Windows 10 upgrades.

Several users are reporting problems with multimonitor set ups, along with SLI dual-card configurations.

An increasing thread on the official newsgroups of NVIDIA reported problems are piling up and already includes numerous complaints from users.

I am presuming this may be related to the SLI problem,” reports one user.

god damn it is annoying,” writes another.

Many also whine about jittering and flickering, which changes the screens that are linked. For others, another screen does not function at all. As much as escape this problem and users attempt to roll back, Windows Update net income to reinstall it is back to square one and what it needs.

Because Microsoft has suggested that users who quit Windows 10 upgrades could wind up without security upgrades, the problem is indeed more frustrating. It remains to be seen how this problem will be handled by Microsoft, but it should execute a brand new system for managing upgrades and working with its suppliers to remove such contradictions. Otherwise, more places will change and not only associated with NVIDIA, and Windows 10 could lose its appeal.

On July 29, so there is still a chance that Microsoft will address problems before the big start, the most recent Windows 10 is set to roll out to PCs later this week, as a reminder.

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