WhatsApp Web – Use WhatsApp From Your Computer

WhatsApp Web – Use WhatsApp From Your Computer

Wondering what the WhatsApp Web option is doing on your WhatsApp Tool List from the latest update on your phone? Read on to get the questions answered!

You can now use WhatsApp from you desktop, all thanks to the new web user interface which is now finally used popularly, after its early launch past January. And reviews show it works surprisingly well too. It does not create a new account but keeps your phone connected and in sync with your computer which furthermore results in data saving & better performance.


All you have to do to make that experience your own is just open you QR Code Scanner Camera from your WhatsApp Web option from your phone. After correctly aligning it with the website provided QR Code, you will have your very own WhatsApp on your Web. You’ll see all the conversations and the UI have been made quite familiar.


You should know that it will only work on Google Chrome. And only from a computer. No Tablet or Phablet. But there are always chances of progress in this case. Maybe with next update you’ll be using it via Internet Explorer. Quite obvious, for it to work you would need the updated version of WhatsApp only. Since it contains the QR Code Scanning Camera. You’ll know it if you see the Whatsapp Web option in the list.

The person or group you would be typing to won’t know whether you are using WhatsApp form your phone or desktop. Isn’t that great. Lying made easier! It’s also secure because of the code concept and no passwords and you can use it with as much ease as you used it on your phone. That means send the audios, pictures, videos and messages just like before. It will not save everything by default, thus if you want to save something for later, you have to specially download it.


Too many perks? Too good to be true? Well, every rose has its thorn and so does WhatsApp Web. Be careful of the fake one’s out there. There have been a few reports on fake WhatsApp Web. So don’t respond to any independent e-mail and don’t give away your information easily. Beware of the spreading Trojan and malware. After all, mistakes on the internet stay there forever.


Now let’s discuss the limitations of various operating systems (iOS users, pay attention!). While the website has clearly shown accessing steps for

  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry
  • BlackBerry 10
  • Nokia S20
  • Nokia S40

one might think where is Apple? Bad news for iPhone users! It doesn’t work well with Apple. Look what CEO and Co-Founder Jan Koum said, “for now, we will not be able to provide Web client to our iOS users due to Apple platform limitations.” But we all know soon there is going to be another update, fixing everything.

So enjoy your WhatsApp Web and don’t forget to comment while you are at it.





Using the latest feature provided by the most used app of the world these days, WhatsApp Web, you can now use WhatsApp easily from your desktop itself. Though you have to use Google Chrome only, you can perform all the functions as it is. Even the interface is made familiar looking with Whatsapp users. Moreover, no one would know whether you are using your phone or your computer! Each and everything will be the same as before though. Unfortunately, iPhone users have to wait a little bit as they are working up on the Apple platform limitation issues. But hurray for the rest and enjoy your computer experience.


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