Was the Apple Watch successful?

There have been doubts about whether the Watch, established in April, has been a merchandise that was successful up to now for Apple. The technology giant appeared intent on allaying any concerns by giving lots of positive comments about powerful Watch sales — without details — during the firm’s third quarter earnings conference call Tuesday.

Lots more Watch programs

There are over 8,500 third party programs available for Apple Watch, according to CEO Tim Cook. This compares to the 3,500 programs declared back in April during the firm’s second quarter conference call.

Positive feedback

Market research was mentioned by cook from Wristly that demonstrated a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate for Apple Watch.

Watch probably had about $1 billion in sales

So it looks quite likely the Watch logged revenues of at least $1 billion. Maestri also reiterated that Apple doesn’t “intend to reveal any Apple Watch metrics,” mentioning the technology giant’s unwillingness to give understanding that could help its adversaries.

Sales upward in June

“I understand that is completely different than what…is being written,” he added. That statement takes lots of the atmosphere out of a recent report. Slice told FoxNews.com last week the reason for the fall from mid-June is probably because of the truth that Slice focuses on U.S. on-line sales exclusively and that “sales are starting to change into the shop,” according to Slice Chief Data Officer Kanishka Agarwal. Another reason for the June revenue increase may be that international sales are starting to kick in.

Marketplace Researcher IDC also told FoxNews.com last week that sales were growing throughout June, not falling.

Cook noted that Apple began shooting Apple Watch preorders in nine states on April 10, including that demand instantly surpassed supply by a large margin. The Apple CEO also clarified that in recent days the technology giant has caught up with that demand. “The Apple Watch sell-through was higher in relation to the similar start intervals of the first iPhone or the first iPad,” he added.

Shop visits soar

Internet and retail shops found a 49 percent year-over-year increase in customer visits, which Maestri credited to powerful interest in Apple Watch.

Sales channel growth

“We are convinced the Watch will be among the very best presents of the holidays,” he clarified.

After only three months of sales, the preceding is merely a picture of the Watch obviously and we will not understand until after the holiday season whether Apple is capable to find the sort of exceptional sales growth it’s seen for previous products like the iPhone and iPad.

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