Want to Attend Google I/O Conference: Are You Lucky Enough???

Want to Attend Google I/O Conference: Are You Lucky Enough???


Sundar Pichai, the man who is leading the Android one programme of google at the head quarter if the internet company has announced that the Google’s I/O conference which is meant especially for the developers would be occurring a little earlier this year. Basically google I/O is a conference programme meant for the developers of various softwares. It is held in California every year. This conference is highly technical preferably focusing on web building, enterprise and mobile applications with google. It opens web based technologies like android, chrome etc. It was started in the year 2008. ‘I’ means ‘input/output’ and ‘O’ means ‘innovation in the open’. Pichai announced the dates for the conference. He said that the conference of this year has been scheduled in the month of May dated 28th and 29th. It will take place in San Francisco i.e California at the Moscone Center West. Earlier the people who wanted to attend the seminar were selected randomly by google but this year if you want to attend the seminar, then along with the money to buy the ticket, you need a lot of good luck also. Google has made up its mind to use the system of lottery for this year’s selection. So this time having money alone is not enough. Overabundance of people is a big reason behind this. The decided conference hall is not having enough space to include infinite number of people. Though people might be too enthusiastic to attend the conference to know about the latest inventions, discoveries and technologies of google, but they might not be lucky enough to get a chance. Everybody is free to participate in the lucky draw system. The dates of registration are from 17th march 9 AM PDT to 19th march 5 PM PDT. After that entries will not be accepted. The cost of tickets has not been revealed out yet but from last year’s data it is likely to be of $900 or more than this. But this huge amount is worth it for sure because google always has something very interesting gadgets, gifts and technologies for the participants. Those who will be selected in the lucky draw will indeed be very lucky. They will get a chance to interface with the celebrities of the computer world and encounter Google’s latest wonders. It’s a golden chance to learn a lot but unfortunately it is not available for all the people. Possibility is that some deserving people might not get the chance. So if you want to apply, just register and keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.


Wrap up:

The outstanding Google’s conference which is specially organised for the wonderful developers will be occurring earlier this year. According to Pichai it will take place on 28th and 29th May of this year and the registrations will start from 17th march 9 AM PDT to 19th march 5 PM PDT. If anybody wants to join it and he has also saved enough money to buy a ticket for it, but still possibility is that he/she might not get a chance to attend it as Google has decided to play a lottery system this year to choose the candidates to participate in the conference. So even if you have money, you might not be lucky enough to get a chance to go there and encounter Google’s latest trends and gifts. So gather enough luck and try for it.

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