An actor, a Writer, a Producer, a Media Critic, a stand-up comedian, Political Satirist, a T.V Show host and what not, no we are not talking about different persons, we are talking about the one man show Mr. Jonathan “Jon” Stewart. Currently hosting the Show named as ‘The Daily Show’, an ironical news show which is being aired on famous television network – ‘Comedy Central’, Jon confirmed that he will be stepping down as host, later this year, in September.

Born on 28th November, 1962 in New York (U.S.A); Jon began his career as a Stand-Up Comedian, his first television gig was as a host for ‘Short Attention Span Theatre’ airing on Comedy Central. Then there was no stopping him, he hosted various shows such as ‘The Jon Stewart Show’, ‘You wrote It, You watch it’ on MTV. He did a few roles in movies for a brief period. He then came aboard on the ‘The Daily Show’ franchise in year 1999, and slowly became voice for people of multiple generations. He is been piloting the show ever since and now this living entertainment is going to leave this show for good.

His show has been a great success for last 17 years or to be precise 16 years and 5 months. He not only cracked jokes but also asked tough questions to politicians with a certain sense of humor such that people, who find politics boring, also started showing their interest as they became more aware. His brilliant wits made him an entertainer and winner of 19 Emmy awards which is an amazing fact in itself.

When he spilled beans about his retirement, the studio audience present there got sad, but when someone from his audience said ‘I love you, Jon’ at top of his voice and broke the silence, rest of the crowd cheered him. After that Jon appreciated and thanked his audience who had been watching his show for years.

Stewart was a true pioneer in field of Satire, even his last statement colored him in this true form when he replied to a question about his post retirement plans: he said that most his time will be spent with his family, ”who”, he said with a sly smile, “I have heard from multiple sources, are wonderful people”.

He even hinted that though he is leaving the show for now but may work in near future. He will be missed by his audience as his show was a change for those bored from regular T.V shows.


Jon Stewart, who has been hosting ‘The Daily Show’ for last 17 years, plans to step down from his position as host in later part of this year. Jon, who is an ace of many trades and not a Jack, announced the news about his retirement this Tuesday. He is a transcendent figure, who became voice for many generations all by his witty nature and a great grasp of politics. Whole of the country laughed along with him. He is an entertainer who not only made people laugh but also gave them food for thought with in his satires. He will be missed by all the people who looked forward towards his show as a break from their mundane routine.

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