Stolen Radioactive Material Found in Iraq

A cache of radioactive material that went missing months past has been discovered dumped in a town south of Basra, Iraq.The radioactive material, named iridium-192, went missing from an oil storage facility near Basra in November 2015. Some security pros stressed that groups like the Islamic State had stolen the substance to be used in a dirty bomb.The lost stuff was found by a passerby close to the town of Zubair, about 9 miles (15 kilometers) south of Basra, Reuters reported. A source related to the investigation told Reuters that the substance had been isolated close to Zubair shortly after it went lost.”After first checking account I can verify the device is complete 100 percent and there’s zero issue of radiation,” the leader of the security panel within Basra provincial council, Jabbar al-Saidi, told Reuters.It is still not clear who took the stuff to town and what they meant, officials say.

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