Solar power plant: A clean effort of Apple

Since the energy consumed by the center of data management of Apple Company is more than energy consumed by any other operation of it, the company has decided to build a huge solar power plant which will supply more than enough of energy for their operations. Let me tell you, solar energy is the energy which we get from sunlight and it is a source of clean energy that is this energy does not pollute the environment. It needs only huge installation cost but after that it costs very less. So regarding this, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple of Tuesday said that they are spending $850 million to build a solar firm. Indeed this is a huge amount. The project will be set up in Monterey County in California. This project is believed to provide 60000 homes, full uninterrupted power supply and also to the company. 2900 acre plot will be required for this. The project will start in the middle of the year and is expected to end by next year’s end. Perhaps this will be company’s largest plant which will provide renewable energy to common people. Apple is trying hard to decrease the environmental footprint created by it. Apple recently has signed a contract for this for 25 years for getting 130 megawatts of electric energy of the solar project. According to Tim Cook, this power will be sufficient for the new Apple headquarters which will be built in Cupertino. There will also be extra energy of 150 megawatts. Apple will sell this energy to Pacific gas and Electric Company. On this Tuesday i.e., on 10th February, 2015 Apple has been declared the first company which has closed the trades with over $700 billion market value. And it has got a heavy profit also. Cook said that it is absolutely right to do, that is why they are doing this. Cook also said that they are expecting to save a lot because they have a definite price of renewable energy and if we compare this price and the brown energy price, we can find a big difference between them. Perhaps this is company’s biggest project till now. Apple Company has been trying a lot hard for many years to bring renewable energy into trend and it seems that they will be a lot successful this time. The company said that it is going to convert a manufacturing facility which is already present in mesa into a command centre for the central network of the global data. So I hope this time Apple pass this new initiation with flying colours.



Wrap up:

Solar energy, the energy which we get from sun, the energy which does not harm the environment, the energy which an average common man cannot afford has now became the goal of Apple Company. The company has decided to build a huge solar power plant to get enormous amount of clean energy and also supply this energy to common people. Apple is spending $850 million for the same. Tim Cook said that they are expecting a big and clean profit out of this project. They have signed 25 years contract for 130 megawatts of electric energy and rest extra energy will be sold for some more gain. So hoping for the best results of their effort, we expect apple get huge success in this.

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