With Over a million people are suffering from paralysis in US alone many researchers worldwide are trying their best to cure this bane. The latest research shows a promising cure in form of soft spinal implants. According to research it can treat paralysis in long run.

Paralysis is basically defined as loss of muscle function in one or multiple muscles. It can be accompanied with sensory loss ’loss of basic feeling’ if there is motor as well as sensory loss in affected area. If we talk about odds, 1 out of 50 people are diagnosed with it, some have it as transient and others have permanent form.

Various causes of paralysis are:-

  • Damage to nervous system
  • Stroke
  • Trauma with nerve injury
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Peripheral neuropathy, etc.


Many roadblocks have been faced by researchers who are trying to treat paralysis such as the devices which are used now are hard and when they rub against soft spinal tissue and cause inflammation, sometimes it can cause accumulation of spinal tissue or at worse can face immune rejection.

Swiss scientists in collaboration with US scientists have found a new elastic material which matches the mechanical properties of living human tissue. They have named it ‘e-Dura’ as it was made by keeping Dura matter (a membrane which acts as a protective layer in human brain and nervous system) as a role model.

It has electrodes containing platinum and silicone along with stretchable gold which can stretch along with movement of spinal cord and it can stimulate as well as record from the neurons. It has an advanced design due to which it can be placed successfully below the Dura matter layer, and will cause less inflammation than the devices which are presently used.

While transmitting electrical impulses it can also be used for releasing pharmaceutical substances with the monofluidic channels patterned in its transparent silicon substrate.

Other advantages of ‘e-Dura’ besides less inflammation are that, it drastically reduces the chances of rejection and any kind of damage to the spinal cord.

In its initial clinical trials, it has shown superb results in Rats. In a period of 2 months it has neither damaged their spinal cord nor faced rejection by their body’s immune system. With this kind of positive results it will soon see the advanced phase of clinical trials where it will be used in humans and if the results are promising as they seem, than no person shall ever have to go through the pain of feeling no pain.


While Paralysis claims every 1 in 50th human life, the researchers today have come up with a solution which can treat this problem in a long run. ‘e-Dura’ is soon going to be the new name in the processes to cure the life demeaning disease Paralysis. This material is a result of hard work of experts coming from various fields such as electronics, material science, neuropathy and what not. The promising results shown by this material in its clinical trial on rats is second to none, it single handedly overcame the problems faced by the materials used at present and thus becoming a ray of hope for paralyzed people.

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