Photos: Microsoft’s HoloLens Transforms Surroundings with Holographic Tech

On the TED stage in Vancouver, Canada, Alex Kipman demoed his latest infant: the Microsoft HoloLens. And he did it with a visual bang. Kipman teleported a hologram of a NASA scientist on the stage. Here is a look in the brand new technology and the way it might transform your world.A fresh realityKipman onstage during his TED speak in Vancouver, Canada, wearing a HoloLens headset. (Credit: TED2016 screengrab)The headsetThe HoloLens headset, which is equipped with lots of detectors, a fish eye lens camera as well as a holographic processing unit. (Photo Credit: Microsoft)Mixed realityKipman presents how the HoloLens lets you overlay holograms onto the actual word, which the headset maps out with spatial planning technology at five frames per second, in real-time. With hand gestures the wearer can transfer and change the holograms. (Credit: TED2016 screengrab)Fictional worldAnd those holograms can be unlike real life, as Kipman shows with the fairy (or elf) onstage with him. (Credit: TED2016 screengrab)Trippy worldWith HoloLens the wearer can transform their room (or a TED discussion stage) into a burning makebelieve woods the man has the capability to walk through and research. (Credit: TED2016 screengrab)Holographic teleportationNASA scientist Jeff Norris was teleported, or at least a hologram of him was, onto the stage with Kipman. “I am really in three areas,” Norris said. “I am standing in a room on the other side of the road while I am standing on the stage by means of your while I am standing on blemish a hundred million miles away.”He added, “This is a exact holographic replica of Mars constructed from information recorded by the Curiosity Mars rover.” (Credit: TED2016 screengrab)HoloLens for scienceNASA is using HoloLens to enable astronauts to investigate other planets like Mars with their feet planted firmly on Earth. (Credit: TED2016 screengrab)HoloLens in spaceNASA and Microsoft engineers evaluation Project Sidekick on NASAs Weightless Wonder C9 jet. Project Sidekick will use Microsoft HoloLens to supply virtual assistance to astronauts working on the International Space Station. (Photo Credit: NASA)

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