Microsoft’s Secret Leaked: Cortana with Office

 The secret work being done by Microsoft is not secret anymore. Recently the images of the work assistant Cortana has been leaked on the internet. So now it is clear that Microsoft will be upgrading Cortana support to office. The possibility is that it will also be available on android and iOS. Along with the mobile phones, this feature will be available on desktops, tablets and laptops as well. It is a very big up gradation. Rumours are that Cortana will not work identical as it worked previously. Bill gates was also involved in developing Cortana for the purpose of business. According to the watcher of Microsoft Mary Jo Foley, Information is that those people who use phones will be able to execute all type of tasks related to business but no one knows actually what kind of tasks. This work assistant is considered as a part of Applications and Services Group (ASG) which is being run by Qi Lu. Cortana will be useful in opening and editing the documents. Users will get a facility to share their documents by using the Cortana and some voice commands. Initially the application is a prototype. But soon it will be available. Some leaked screen shots say that when we open the Cortana application, it exemplifies the center of all our office documents. This application also works on voice commands like search, share, edit and open. It also accepts some complex commands like ‘open the presentation yesterday’ and ’email this file to this person’. Okay so now for the convenience of some readers, let me tell you about Cortana first. It is a personnel assistant developed by Microsoft which is very intelligent in nature. It is basically for phones which support windows operating system and Microsoft band. Cortana is actually a character in series of video games of Microsoft i.e Halo. This character is actually artificially intelligent. So this work assistant was named Cortana after this character. So work Assistant is actually an application that uses voice commands and is integrated with Microsoft Office. It is not known that whether the work assistant is a separate application or it is just that Microsoft is just performing some tests to check the incorporation of voice commands with office. It will be useful and interesting if the work assistant will fully be mixed with office. The basic purpose of Microsoft’s work assistant seems to be a way of searching the office documents. It can be done by using file name, file location or last modified etc. it can also be used to open, edit and share documents. So hoping for the best results of the mysterious work being done by Microsoft. Stay tuned for updates.

Wrap up:

Have you ever imagined that Microsoft’s such big secret i.e, their mysterious work will be leaked this way? Yes! The secret work has been revealed on internet in the form of screen shots of the application. It’s a breaking news that Microsoft will be bringing Cortana support for office not only in mobile phones but in desktops, laptops and tablets also. This office assistant accepts voice commands and will be very user friendly which also supports documents searching, editing and sharing via Bluetooth and email. Indeed Microsoft users are very excited for the interesting app. It is major upgrade. Fingers crossed for this exciting up grade.

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