It’s like Kardashian’s can’t just stay of spot light and this time it was not for being almost nude or some regular other scandal, it was the tiny little Miss North West that stirred things in motion. It was ironic that, unlike her mother she was an epicenter of a clothes related controversy. She was spotted wearing a ‘Fur Coat’, yes peeps you got that correct a ‘Fur coat’, the little miss might not even know what exactly she was wearing (of course y’all , she’s just a kid for crying out loud), but drew a whole lot of attention towards herself, even tipping some of the on lookers beyond the edge.


Born In July 2013, this toddler, just a year and a half old has been gifted so many different brands that her wardrobe has more brands than a high end boutique. And as if it was not enough in itself, her parents Kayne west and Kim Kardashian are trying to make her into some sort of fashion icon.


This mother- daughter duo was spotted New York fashion show on Wednesday where daddy Kayne West was promoting his new line of Adidas.


Kim and North were fully accessorized, Kim was wearing an exclusive fur collared Nina Ricci wool coat while holding the hand of little Miss North who was wearing

A t-shirt, black leggings, a stylish pair of Doc Marten boots along a Fur Coat.

It not only created a lot of buzz but also raised eyebrows of many PETA supporters.


PETA activists slammed her decision of Dressing North in a Fur coat – if it was real. They believe that North or any other girl of her age would never have wanted to hurt any animal just to fancy up their attire.


The fancy Fur Coat also made North butt of many jokes on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook etc. Someone said that they were disgusted to see North in fur coat while others said that the fur coat worn by little Miss North might just have weighed more than herself. But it also seemed like the little girl has her own fan following for herself when many people praised her as a style diva and commented about how gracefully that little girl presented herself in fur.

With her stirring so many waves even at this young tender age, one might wonder what will she do when she grows up..?


The Kardashian again managed to draw spotlight towards herself, and ironically it was more of a clothes related controversy. Interestingly it was Miss North West at the epicenter of this controversy rather than Kim Kardashian herself. She was spotted wearing a Fur Coat at New York fashion Show where daddy Kayne West was presenting his new line of Adidas sneakers. The Fur Coat managed to raise eyebrow’s of many PETA activist who slammed her decision of Dressing North in a Fur coat – if it was real. The Fur coat also drove many people into a commenting frenzy on social media sites.

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