Kanye West Attacks For Beyoncé, Again!

Kanye West Attacks For Beyoncé, Again!

Did you all forget the 2009 VMA’s when Taylor Swift received an award for The Best Female Video for her hit “You Belong With Me” and as she was giving her acceptance speech, West ran to the stage and said “Imma let you finish..” but continued about how Beyoncé deserved it more and how she had one of the best videos of all time, making Swift stand there awkwardly with her perfect moment ruined.

Well, he did that again!

But this time his prey was Beck! At the 57th Grammy Award Show, when it was announced that the award for the Album of the Year goes to Beck Hanson, American rock musician aged 44, for his hit album Morning Phase, it was a “Here We Go Again.. “ moment when Kanye jumped to the stage and was about to say something and Beck seemed to encourage it.

He did not say or do anything though, instead he came back to where his wife, Kim Kardashian was standing in the audience, smiling. Beyoncé and Jay-Z were caught smiling too. Beck, on stage, said,” Come back, come back, I need some help too… Oh My God… ” And continued with his acceptance speech.

So when Beck’s name was announced, he looked quite as shocked as everyone else because clearly the expected winner was Beyoncé, for her self titled album. And Kanye crashed another person’s perfect moment for it. Though Beck did not take it personally and even most of the people thought it was just a plain old joke, but Kanye proved them wrong later.

He, appearing in an after show, later said that he was serious about what he did and he was angry that Beck did not give it to Beyoncé. He said it’s disrespectful to inspiration and is diminishing art! And Beck’s response to all of it was even more surprising! But like a true gentleman, he agreed with West and said that he still loves him (West) and thinks he is a genius for all the great records that he put in last five years. He continued, saying that even he thought the award was going to be Beyoncé’s.

Doesn’t his response seem a bit sarcastic?

West was really criticized for all of this and for those thinking that Beck did not deserve it should know that he wrote and produced his entire album and has been in the music industry for long. Congrats, Beck!

Wrap Up:

Kanye West has done it again. Made an award show all about himself! After bashing Taylor Swift at the 2009 Music Video Awards, he tried to ruin some one else’s perfect moment and this time it was “Album Of The Year” Grammy winner Beck Hanson! West just hopped on and off the stage but later threw some shade, during an interview, at Beck. He said some extreme things like this is diminishing art and is disrespectful to inspiration. He clearly wanted the award to go to Beyonce and so did Beck! Beck said that even he thought that Beyonce was going to win the award for, well, because she is Beyonce. Some one else felt that it was sarcastic? Congratulations to Beck!

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