Jaycee Chan Jo-Ming, born on 3rd of December in 1982, is son of famous actor and martial artist Jackie Chan, has been released after serving his time (6 months) in China’s Jail.

Last year in August it was reported that the star kid was detained by Beijing Police under the charges of possessing drugs and providing shelters to other for drug abuse. Ko Chen-Tung, a Taiwan based actor was apprehended alongside him. On searching his apartment, police claimed to have found more than 100g of Marijuana.

While Chan faced criminal charges which were punishable by life sentence or in worst case scenario, death penalty, Ko was released by police in a two weeks’ time. By the time Jaycee faced trial, he had already spent almost 4 months in jail.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced a 6 months jail time and a fine of 2000 Yuan. It was reported Senior Chan didn’t used any of his connections with big names to lighten his sentence, rather it was Jr. Chan’s apology letter to his mother Lin Feng-jiao that helped him do so. In this letter of remorse, he apologized for all the mistakes he made during his life time and in fact blamed Senior Chan being the reason behind his drug abuse as he claimed that Senior Chan didn’t loved him enough, also he had a heavy burden of being a Megastar’s child, so he sought to drugs to help him forget about all his problems.

After this incident, a huge amount of light was shed on the bitter relationship of father and son. Ironically , Jackie was good-will for anti-drug movement at the time Jaycee was apprehended. He apologized publically for his son’s misdeeds and said that if he had known that his son started taking drugs, he would have beaten some sense into him.

During his probation time, it was noted that Jaycee was trying hard to improve his view of life. He reportedly read more than 100 books, which is a huge change for him as prior to his time of eviction if he was given a piece of literature, he would ask others to read it for him on account of being dyslexic.

Today when Jaycee completed jail time, he was released. He issued a public apology and took responsibility for his actions and asked people to give him a much needed second chance as much to his dismay, his days of being an entertainer might just come to an end without it.


Jaycee Chan, son of renowned martial artist and actor Jackie Chan was released from Jail after serving his 6 months sentence. He was cuffed last year in August for serious charges of possession of drugs and providing people shelter for purpose of drug abuse. While his jail time he had a lot of time for self-analysis, which seemingly he did successfully. He wrote a letter of remorse to his mother and asked for apology for all the mistakes that he committed. After his release from Jail in China, Jr. Chan issued a public apology and took responsibility of actions along with a claim that his time in detention has optimized his view about life and he will refrain from using drugs.

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