Emile Hirsch is in deep waters after he was arrested by cops for an alleged incident which took place on January 25th at ‘Sundance Film Festival’ in Park City, Utah where he chokehold a woman in an altercation.

The woman was none other than an Executive member of Paramount Pictures, Dani Bernfeld, who graduated from Vassar College in year 2005 and is an important name in Hollywood. The 31 years old executive says that the star approached to her and started bad-mouthing her and when she switched tables to go with some friends, Emile followed her, where he allegedly assaulted her. Then he tried to choke her, due to which she almost passed out. Then some of the bystanders stepped in and saved her by pulling Hirsch off her.

After the scuffle, the security called up 911 and cops showed up. Cops said that Hirsch after entering a verbal confrontation with executive consumed huge amount of liquor and got high, even while talking to police he seemed out of his senses as he was not able to speak clearly or maintain his balance so as to stand straight and also had glossy eyes.

The star who got fame from several hit movies like The Girl Next Door, Into the wild, Lone Survivor (A navy seal drama by Universal); was present their for premier of his movie Ten Thousand Saints, an adaptation of novel that goes by the same name, released in year 2012, written by Eleanor Henderson. Other noteworthy names who are part of this movie are Hailee Steinfeld, Ethan Hawke, Emily Mortimer and Asa Butterfield. The book dealt with people from various generations from a time span of 1987-2006, it not only weaved through neighborhood of New York but also through a crafted scene of AIDS epidemic.

The star has been slapped with third degree Felony charges for Aggravated Assault, which according to prosecutors is a punishable offence, where the offender has to pay a fine up to $5000 and in worst case scenario has to do Jail time for almost about 5 years, Hirsch’s due date is March 16.


While both Dani and club’s remained mum about the incident, Robert Offer, the star’s rep said that the star was pretty devastated after this incident. He was so shameful that he sought professional help and even checked into an Alcohol Rehabilitation facility so that such an incident dare not repeat itself.


Emile Hirsch got in big trouble with law after charges of third degree felony for aggravated assault were pressed against him after he allegedly got in scuffle with a woman at Sundance Film Festival. The Woman was no other than Vice president of Paramount Pictures, Dani Bernfeld, he was quite drunk and scuffle began with sledging and then he allegedly attacked her and tried to choke her, she was saved by the onlookers who came to see the fest. The security of the club notified police who then came and took statements of both the parties. After the incident Emile checked into an Alcohol Rehabilitation Institute so that such an incident can be prevented from repeating

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