Google’s Valentine Gift for you : 6 Dollars

Google’s Valentine Gift for you : 6 Dollars

As the Valentines Day is approaching, you are looking up all the deals, thinking about the perfect gift, planning a romantic date! But in case you still don’t have a plan, do not worry. Google does!

Google has a special surprise for all the Chromecast owners for this Valentines Day. It is gifting away $6 worth of credit in every Chromecast owner’s Google Play account! And for the people of UK the amount is £5. All you have to do is just claim it from their website. Looks like Google has already planned a nice evening for the V-day for you & your partner as this surely will rent you a movie or two from the store.

And if it happens that you do not own a Chromecast, hurry now! You can get it for $32.49 from eBay.  It’s a media streaming device, thumb sized, which you can plug directly to your TV set. It is ranked number 1 device for streaming media in U.S. It’s available in 27 countries & more adding soon this year. Apart from the basic work it does, you can expand it’s use to new apps and features that are added regularly to their website.

Chromecast has some unique features as listed below and on the top of that if you get more free services, how nice would that be? So seize the offers as they have not released any last date for when this offer ends. Now let’s talk about some of it’s unique features :-

○ You can now capture your selfie while watching it on your TV. All thanks to the Chromecast.
○ Your phone will serve as a remote control while the Chromecast is attached to your TV system.
○ It displays photos from your Gallery, as well as your Facebook, Instagram and other storages and apps!
○ It’s unique App Merging feature allows you to implement the uses of your apps on your TV.
○ The “Guest Mode” feature allows you to save the mainstream data from your guests and it will serve them as you’d like.

Now some necessary conditions to follow while you’re claiming your V-day gift :

□ Make sure you are using the same Wi – Fi connection while claiming, as your Chromecast.
□ Don’t forget to turn on the dongle.

After this, all you have to do is just visit the app, click the menu and select “Check for Offers” from the drop down list.

You might notice more than 1 offer there as apart from the $6 credit, Google is also giving away more services! Here are those :-

▪ First “X-Men” movie
▪ Road to the NHL
▪ Free Premium DramaFever for 3 months
▪ Free unlimited music from Google Store for 9 days

Now that’s something sweet! Way to go, Google! All this and the last month’s offer “Google Cast for Audio” (which you can still redeem) allows you to mingle your A/V receivers, Sound bars and Speakers with the same technology. Also making the Radio and Music apps’ streaming easy.

Although this is a sweet deal for all the couples out there for Valentines Day, this also is meaningful for singles. If you are single and have no plans for the day, just hop in your bed and watch a movie or 2 for free! How thoughtful Google!


Own a Chromecast? If not then hurry now! Google is giving away $6 worth of Google Store credit as a Valentines gift for you (£5 in the UK). Apart from this, a few movies, 3 month DramaFever Premium and 90 days unlimited music from the Google Store are also offered to you for free! All you have to do is just claim them on their website or app. A sweet V-day deal in accordance with the number one media streaming device in the U.S. and it’s unique features. So get the deal, buy a movie & order some food and there you have it – a romantic date organised by Google! What are you waiting for?

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