Google’s newly availed feature of Local guides

In the current scenario, is one of the leading website in the field of helping people finding local businesses like hair dressers, dentists and many more. Here reviews are written by the users only and they serve as the helping hand for the yelpers. Google, most of us know this name as a search engine only, has launched a new feature in its widely used service of “Google maps”. This new feature is named as “Local guides”.

The feature of “Local guides” enables the users to become guides and reward them to post reviews on business recommendations, places to visit and share it with others. Experts said that Google is replacing the old “City Experts” program now. The company is providing special benefits to its users with five or more reviews as they can try out new Google products before release. After 200 reviews, you would be highlighted on the company’s official social media, and will receive a gift expressing their thank you.

Recently Google maps have launched a voice enabled lane guidance system for Indian lanes and now this new feature of local guides. It comes up with the updated version of Google maps application, reaching devices with Google maps version 9.4. According to the company’s official post, they said “Through local guides, an official Google program, you can share your firsthand local experiences, celebrate places near and far from home, connect with a global community of explorers like you and help local businesses improve their products and services.”

Common people can call it a guidance plus review system as basically it works on the reviews of the persons using it and get updated from them only for the benefit of the new users, “Local guides” ensures that new users don’t get misguided but Google doesn’t seem to have an authentication check.

People can download “Google Maps” and “Local guides” with all the latest versions from the popular Android and apple stores. Users can sign in for local guides with your Google accounts and take all the benefits of this. This feature is available in both English and Hindi language. Almost every locality, each and every place and all attractions are available for the users. Now no more confusion on how much meters more to take a turn, where is that particular location, where to stay and what to? All you need to have is your smart phone or device and enjoy the benefits of “Local guides”.


Just like Facebook’s recently launched, new feature of providing tips about places where members of this social media network may be and Yelp’s service of providing information about places, businesses and other related stuff of your need, Google has launched a remarkable feature in Google maps named as “Local guides”. This new attribute of Google maps is available in 9.4 versions as the latest update and can be downloaded from the popular Android and ios stores. As the name specifies “Local guides” this feature works on reviews of the users and based on these reviews people get all the information they need to know about that particular place, Google is attracting more and more review writers from the reward system. Using of “Local guides” is as simple as that of maps but it has made the journeys a much smoother one.

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