Google’s New CEO?

The arrangement of the Internet giant drastically altered, but installed a new CEO: Sundar Pichai. He’ll head up Google, that’ll be a subsidiary company to a brand-new firm called Alphabet.

You are not alone in case the name does not ring a bell — Pichai has been for 11 years with Google, but has never made important headlines. So what is Sundar’s narrative?

Pichai was born in Tamil Nadu, the southernmost crown of the Indian peninsula. From an MBA from Wharton School of Business and Stanford. He joined Google in 2004 round the time the firm found Gmail.
During the following decade Pichai worked on products which have had a major effect in route the business works. He was a driving force supporting the Chrome browser and Google Apps after cutting his teeth on the Google Toolbar. In 2013 was set in charge of Android, which Pichai is currently working to expand into a full blown cellular carrier. The success of the products under his direction would be sufficient to elevate any supervisor to the highest echelons. But does it make him CEO stuff?

He is presented by reports of Pichai over the years as a truly caring, empathetic and insightful man. He is helped smooth out managerial and political problems, weaving teams together and encouraging individuals who do great work.


He is been depicted as a trusted and powerful supervisor, capable to browse and get the very best out of a complex corporate structure, gently enhancing and preserving the business ‘s most precious assets.

Under this organizational structure with the recently formed business Alphabet in the head, naturally, the Google Pichai will be managing is smaller in extent than the one he climbed through the ranks of.

“This new construction will enable us to keep enormous concentrate on the incredible opportunities we’ve got inside of Google.

“Sundar has been saying the things I ‘d have said (and occasionally better!) for quite some time now, and I Have been immensely loving our work collectively. He’s actually stepped up since October of last year, when he took on engineering and merchandise duty for our Internet businesses. Sergey and I’ve been excited about his improvement and commitment to the organization.

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