Game of Thrones: 22 Years Old Secret Revealed

In the month of October in the year 1993, George RR Martin, had given a proposal consisting of three pages, in which he had written about his plans for “Game of Thrones”. Now it is not hidden from the world. This proposal has been leaked on the internet now. It was posted on a social networking site “twitter” by Waterstones yesterday, but later it was deleted. According to Martin, Game of Thrones was expected to be an epic trilogy of fantasy. But the reality is that whatever he had written and thought of the actual storyline of the series, it is not exactly the same thing what has been telecasted on the television. The story is quite different. If you are a fan of this epic series, I suggest you not to read the proposal. Probably, this can disappoint you. According to the proposal, Arya will fall for her brother Jon Snow. But this passionate love will continuously torture them in the whole series. Tyrion Lannister will also be in love with Arya and this would cause a deadly competition between him and Jon. So Lannisters and Starks will be ultimate enemies. But thankfully Martin made his mind to leave all this and add new elements to the trilogy. Martin said that, he wanted the readers of his book to have a feeling that none in this world is safe completely, even the super heroes of the trilogy are not safe. Old people will face death and new faces will come.

Now I want to tell you all readers, one more thing which will make you a little disappointed. I am talking about the book. Yes, five volumes have already released and next two volumes will be released in future. The next book in the series of GOT will not be released this year. But do not be so disappointed because Martin has thought something else for you. In his blog he said that, one more another book in the GOT series will be released in October, this year. The book is about a cavalier and his squires. It is a matter of genuine concern that, GOT series which is based on Martin’s books, could finish before the Song of Ice and Fire series. A.V. Club highlighted that Martin will not focus on the television series of GOT because he is utilising his time in the completion of his new book. He has given every possible information to the television series makers about the GOT story so that the television show can be continued without intervention even if the book is not complete.

So all the very best to the Game of Thrones and Martin’s fans. Have a positive hope and look forward for the book and TV series. I am sure it is going to rock your leisure time.


Game of Thrones, a series which has been rated 9.5 out of 10 by IMDB and appreciated as HBO’s all time most popular show has disappointed its fans a little as the book of the author Martin which was going to be released this year has been postponed to be released in future. However another story series will be released for the fans in the month of October, this year. The TV series is going ahead of the book as the book is not complete yet but the author has briefed the TV show makers about the story. The series also faced the revealing of a 22 years old secret just yesterday on twitter, but the post has been removed from there. So fans, get ready for the upcoming surprises which the epic trilogy will bring for you in future.

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