Fifty Shades Of Grey Reviews

Fifty Shades Of Grey Reviews


Finally, the most awaited moment has arrived! Fifty shades of wait are over now. We’ve gathered all the first reviews of the forty million budget film Fifty Shades Of Grey starring Dakota Johnson (25) as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan (32) as wait-for-it Christian Grey! The novel based film had a large fan following, many of which wanted to see whether the movie would portray the novel as good as it is or not, before deciding to like it. So read on to know that..

Directed by English film-maker Sam Taylor-Johnson (47), the movie was released one day before Valentine’s Day, in the States. And what we can say write now is that, hmm, don’t get your hopes up. The 125 minutes long movie did not get that good response by the critics as you might have hoped, if you are a fan. Although the pre release ticket-selling made it the fastest selling R-rated film in fifteen years!

The average rating, we’ve done the math for you, is around 4.3/10. It got mostly negative reviews from the critics, but so did the novel and yet the fans stand strong.

The Atlantic called it Fifty Shades of Dull and were not able to understand what all the fuzz was about. Though the hard-core kinky scenes have been cut, it still does not do much to entertain. On the other hand, The Telegraph reviewed it as good and electric! And not as painful as it could have been. Not that much of the fans, are they?

The New Yorker titled Christian as a tremendous bore and their review was rather funny where as The New York Times reacted surprised. Confused between a delight or an embarrassment, they summed up saying it was not bad for a fun time pass. Entertainment Weekly compared the film to the book and said that it was way better and classy. Chicago Tribune categorized it as the new Twilight but Vanity Fair gave it a positive review and wrote it was not lame and had a certain wit and intelligence lacking in the Twilight movies.

The Times summed it up in three words : Dubious, Hilarious and Ludicrous. Rolling Stone compared it to an ad for pottery barn! They said that they were disappointed for it not being as dirty as it appeared in the trailer. It’s refusal to show genitalia was what made The Independent feel that the most erotic scene was the skyscraper one. The fans were mostly complaining about zero chemistry.

So overall, every body is wondering how can a film about BDSM be so dull! Maybe because it was made by a feminine point of view? Looks like the second part of the franchise will take care of it, thanks heavens. But will people take the risk of watching it again? Don’t forget to leave your review.


Wrap Up:


Fifty Shades of wait are over! All the reviews of Fifty Shades of Grey are finally here and all we can say is don’t get your hopes up. The common denominator in each and every review was that it was dull and needed more sex! Dakota Johnson’s performance was still appreciated by some but Jamie Dornan’s portrayed Christian Grey was compared to a Lego figure. And the movie was compared to an ad for pottery barn! Most were wondering how a film about BDSM could be so dull and non erotic? The fans on the other hand complained about the lacking chemistry between the star pair. It has been confirmed that there will be two more movies, will people take the risk to watch them?


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