Eero presents the Most Awesome WiFi Network On Earth

Eero presents the Most Awesome WiFi Network On Earth


Well at least that is what the advertisement says! In case you haven’t seen the latest trending video claiming to revolutionize the world of wireless network and free you from all your connection shenanigans, here you go…


Now let’s digest all that first. So the guy in the video moves around in every corner of the house, boasting about his perfect WiFi connection. But could this little white box solve all our connection problems for real? Can we really bid our network woes goodbye? Let’s find out!


Eero, a new start up, launched it’s self-named home WiFi system not so long ago and expects it to be the next cool thing. A set of three Eeros is said to cover a typical house and they work in unison to provide fast and stable internet connection at every corner of the place. So, in short, the dead zones and buffering are going to be history.


Alright, we admit that it is indeed different from those routers and extenders, but what really caught our eye are it’s features! Let’s have a look :-


  • It’s super simple set up allows you to manage the whole system by just using your phone.
  • It’s mesh network provides the coverage of the entire home. Even the hardest to reach corners.
  • You are just a minute away from your perfect WiFi, as all it needs is a 60 second setup. No more calling the tech guy, be your own master!
  • The self-fixing feature is remarkable. While you go to sleep, it fixes itself. You don’t even have initiate a thing.
  • Guest Access is a relief! No more heavy password problems. You can simply invite a friend or group to your connection.
  • Since heavy passwords are off the hook, you might be worried about the security? They have taken care of that as well using the advanced security measures.
  • It’s hardware is plain and easy too. You just have to place the single piece at different locations in your house as suggested.
  • And those pieces will not give you any wire trouble as they use bluetooth within themselves, isn’t that smart?
  • All you have to do is plug the first one to your modem and that is it. It’s smart capabilities will take the lead from then on.


But since the use has not started yet, we should make a big deal out of it. After all, it’s just plain theory here. And now let’s talk about the placing criteria. It must have crossed your mind at least once that how many of them would you need for you home? Let’s see.


Minimum amount required is of course two. Unless you are living in a box, for an average apartment only two of them would be required. But if you live in a nice average house, you would need at least three of them. But for a large house even four of them could be put to use. And apart from this it also has a working rule for multi – story buildings and houses.


Pre-Ordering has already begun! So go book yourself this amazing white box of wonders and you can get up to 40% off if you do it right now. Tell you friends and save even more money. A single unit costs $125 but this is the discounted price. It’s official price is $199. But a pack of three is for $499 which you can get for just $299 if you order now. So hurry as it returns $10 back on Pre – Order.




Eero, a new start up, has launched the most awesome WiFi network on Earth – at least that’s what they claim. No more buffering, no more dead zones, no more tacky passwords. This new WiFi system uses three pieces, placed at different locations, which work in unison, to provide you with the best Internet experience at the comfort of your own house. The number of pieces may increase if your house is big. Apart from it’s spectacular features, if you order the system right now, you’ll get them at 40% discount from their website. So hurry up before the deal lasts and get yourself the new revolution in the history of Internet.

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