Coursera collaborated with Google, Instagram and snapdeal to provide online education

Coursera collaborated with Google, Instagram and snapdeal to provide online education

Coursera, a firm that provides online education to people all over the world has now collaborated with some of the biggest companies of the globe to provide online courses and education which are oriented to job. Google, Instagram and Snapdeal are one of those big companies. For a long time, coursera has been offering courses which are from the outstanding global universities like Stanford University, Duke University etc. In fact last year it had teamed up with India as well with Indian School of Business. Google and snapdeal are one of those industries who are supporting the projects of capstone for specialisation of coursera. The students get to know a lot about marketing, expertise, new skills and technologies and latest trends etc. coursera wanted to provide high quality learning to people across the globe. Coursera is offering new courses from 19 top universities. Coursera already offers 800 courses from 115 universities. Some trending courses include the science of data, digital marketing, production of music and other global affairs etc. so companies are now able to provide education to the people according to the present requirements. Rick Levin, the chief executive officer of coursera said that almost 50% of the learners come to get knowledge to brighten their career. They provide certificates also. This is one of the reasons of involvement of a large number of people getting educated through coursera. Coursera has really been helpful to those people who do not get a chance to attend any big college or university for getting knowledge and certificate. So coursera provides them essential knowledge so that they can walk equally hand in hand with other talented people of this world.

Here are the details of the companies who is providing capstone specialisation in various fields:

  • Google: mobile cloud computing.
  • Swift key: data science.
  • IHeartMedia: modern musician.
  • 500 Startups: entrepreneurship.
  • Snapdeal and Shazam: business foundations.
  • Instagram: interaction design.

The project will need almost 5 months to be finished. People will have to pay US Dollar 595 for these courses. These courses are also available free of cost but the problem with that is they will not provide any verified certificates for the free courses if we exclude the capstone project from this. Coursera is most widely welcomed in United States where it is having almost 4 million users. Currently it is training 10 million people in the world. People who cannot afford are just getting free courses without any certificate and those who can afford are surely going for the worldwide applicable certificates. Indeed coursera is doing a great job.


Wrap up:

Coursera is an educational firm which provides free and paid specialisations to people across the world. If you pay you will get a verified globally applicable certificate also. It provides 800 courses from 115 universities. Now it has clubbed up with top companies like google, snapdeal and Instagram to provide the enthusiasts a leading and trending knowledge that too according to the industry requirements. Cloud computing, data science, business skills, marketing, designing etc. are some of the key fields in which it is working. It has 10 million users from the world learning from it. Indeed coursera is doing a great job and has emerged as a leading online educational firm.


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