Brangelina to Adopt again

Brangelina to Adopt again

Angelina Jolie, 39 and Brad Pitt, 51 parents to adopted kids Maddox (12 yrs), Pax (10 yrs) , Zahara (9yrs) from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia respectively and biological kids Shiloh(7yrs) and Knox and Vivienne(5 yrs) are ready to welcome new member to their family.

They have already discussed it with their children and they seem to be quite excited about it.

If the sources are to be believed the couple has decided to adopt the child from Ethiopia as a promise they made to their 9 yr old daughter Zahara years back so that she could have kinfolk who share her lineage.

The couple was initially interested in adopting a child from Jordan but the complete process was quite complex so they switched to Ethiopia.

Seven has been lucky for Brad Pitt so the couple is keen on welcoming 7th member to family as they believe it would be lucky for them as well as bring happiness to them.

The rumors began circling around when Angelina Jolie was spotted in Tunisia inked with seven coordinates signifying the birthplace of her children Maddox from Cambodia, Pax from Vietnam, Zahara from Ethiopia, Shiloh –Namibia and twins Knox and Vivienne- France.

So speculations started doing around the seventh coordinate might be for the new member. However, Jolie clarified that they are latitude and longitude of hubby Pitt’s birthplace and further denied about extending her family. The famous website however insists that according to numbers it points to Algeria.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt both love having a big happy family. In an interview with Extra she told she would like to extend the family if put together they can constitute a football team.

Pitt had earlier said in a interview that he had a friend who had a big family when he was a kid. He used to love all the chaos around the dining table. He loved this idea so much that he decided if he’s going to do. He is going to do in the same manner.

Initially they were interested in a girl aged between two or three.

Brad and Angelina have decided to open AIDS clinic in Ethiopia in Zahara’s name and are likely to pay visit to the clinic somewhere around April and will also complete their visit by visiting some of the orphanages. If everything goes well they are likely to welcome new member into Brangelina gang by April.



Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie have again become the talk of town as rumors have started circling around that they are going to adopt yet another kid thus extending their family. Pitt and Jolie parents to six kids are keen on adopting their 7th child from Ethiopia as their promise their elder daughter Zahara. Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt both of them love to have a big family. The rumors started circling around when Jolie was spotted with seventh coordinate where coordinate specifies birthplace of her children. They are likely to visit Ethiopia in April and if everything goes well Zahara will have new sibling.

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