BQ Aquaris E4.5 world’s first Ubuntu based smartphone


12 years ago in year 2003 when Android platform was introduced for phones…it was the ultimate revolution back then, but now the winds of change are here again.

An U.K based company ‘Canonical’ funded by a South African entrepreneur,     Mr. Mark Shuttleworth has announced to release the world’s first Ubuntu based smartphones.

For those who don’t know about Ubuntu, here is a brief overview for them:-

It is a Debian based Linux OS (Operating System) free software having Unity as default desktop environment. Ubuntu literally means “humanity towards others”. It is an open source development project. After personal computers Ubuntu is making its way into smartphones OS.

BQ Aquaris E4.5 is going to be world’s first Ubuntu based smartphone. In starting it’s not going to give as tough competition to Android as IOS does, but will provide a great substitute to people who are looking for something novel and unusual.

Till now only basic specifications were wrapped off by the company.

  • It will have a 4.5 inch display with a resolution of just 540 by 960 and as far as its processor is concerned it will have a quad core 1.3GHz Media Tek Chip.
  • It will have an internal storage of 8GB which is expandable with Micro SD cards. 1GB RAM is provided.
  • The camera is given quite some attention; it has a back camera of 8 megapixels and a front camera of 5 megapixels.
  • It will have a standard Dual Sim slot but 4G LTE networks won’t be supported by them yet.



Scopes will also be present here, which is mobile UI reinvented. It will provide a visual access to imperative apps like –

  • Media
  • Music
  • Internet
  • Local Services, etc.

Ubuntu Scopes provide a rich and unfregmented experience which is worlds apart from icons in grid having services and content buried in them. But this just not it, the Ubuntu Scopes provide an easy way to developers to not just develop new apps but to create an entirely different smartphone experience for themselves and the users. The ease with which these new scopes can be created with help of an easy to use mobile UI toolkit and the relative maintenance cost and less development requirement serves as icing on the cake.

The phone will be hitting shelves in most part of Europe in just about a week from today. Sales will be in form of Flash sales, the same was used for other phone companies to release their new products with hype. The cost for the same will be 169.90 euros roughly.



Canonical, a company created alongside Ubuntu with an initiative of giving Ubuntu a worldwide range has taken revolutionary steps for its development by introducing the Ubuntu in smartphones. Sure it has still to go a long way and it may take time for it to gain as much popularity as its rival ‘Android’ but will surely be a great substitute for those looking something off the mark. BQ Aquaris E4.5 is going to be world’s first Ubuntu based smartphone. The basic specs for the same were disclosed by the company which were enough considering its price. But surely Ubuntu as an OS will be a game changer.

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