William Henry ‘Bill’ Cosby (born in 1937 on July 12), an author, a stand-up comedian, an actor and an activist is currently being sucked into a dark and deep vortex of scandals.

On, Thursday two more former models added their name to long list of women who have claimed to have been sexually abused by Bill. The series of accusations about being abused by Bill dates back to year 2000 when actress Lachele Covington accused Cosby of groping her in his apartment and then a seemingly never ending series of accusations began and by the year 2K15 nearly 3 dozen women have made such claims and obviously the comedian said that these claims have no solid ground.

Backed by their attorney Gloria Allred, Lise-Lotte Lublin and Linda Brown said reporters that back in 1969 when she (Brown) young model, at the time Cosby drugged her in hotel rooms. Brown accused Cosby of sexually assaulting her. They said that, they met him via their modeling agency and he seemed a genuine guy back then. He offered them soft drinks, which they accepted and lost consciousness after having them. Next morning they woke up naked in bed, without the slightest clue of how they got their or why were they in their birth suits, in Toronto Hotel in Canada.

They felt so disgraced after that experience that they compared themselves with live rag-dolls which is a shame in itself.

Martin D.Singer (Bill Cosby’s prosecutors) did not immediately commented upon the most trending accusations, but it is noteworthy that he had declined all the accusations of similar nature in past.

Charlie Beck, current chief of police of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said that all the accusations about Cosby will be looked into thoroughly as they try to make any further investigation about recent claims made by these women.

Other lawsuits that he was involved in were when Autumn Jackson allegedly tried to extort $40 mil owing to the fact that she might be the lovechild from his affair with Shawn Upshaw in early 1970s in Los Angeles, who he paid about $100,000 in order that she doesn’t publicize their relationship. She badly failed at this and had to serve a 26 month jail sentence.

Bill decided to stay tight lipped about the recent allegations, but as a result of these recent allegations, he cancelled two of his stand-up comedy stops as a response, which were planned for later this week.


Bill Cosby again managed to draw spotlight to himself when he was again accused for sexual assault by two former models. With over 3 dozen women to have made similar claims, accusing the comedian about sexual abuse and molestation, Cosby denied every single one of them. According to most of women Bill drugged them in one way or another and abused them sexually or he tried to force himself upon them. They were young models when they were abused by him and the events left them so traumatized that they went on and compared themselves to rag dolls which is a shame in itself.


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