“Biggest update ever” to fix Android flaw

Google, LG and Samsung have vowed to supply monthly security upgrades for smartphones.
In July, a major bug was found in the program which could let hijackers access information on up to a billion cellphones.
Because many versions of Android are extensively used manufacturing companies have been slow to roll out a fix.
One Android specialist said it was “about time” mobile manufacturers issued security fixes more quickly.

Android has been functioning to patch a vulnerability, known as Stagefright, which might let hackers get a the information of a phone by simply sending a video message to somebody.
Monthly, Google, Samsung and lG have said numerous their handsets can get the fix, with additional upgrades.

Why the long delay?
The Google-directed job does supply security fixes for the software, but mobile makers are in charge of sending the upgrades to their apparatus.

Many firms additionally set up customised variants of Android which take time to reconstruct with all the security changes.
BlackBerry and Apple can patch security issues more rapidly since they develop the hardware as well as the applications for their apparatus.
Cellular networks review blackBerry’s applications before being sent to handsets, whenever it desires, while Apple can push upgrades to its cellphones.

“In the US it is even worse because cellular carriers frequently add their very own applications also, adding another level of bureaucracy holding up security fixes.
“There is no real villain here, that is only how the system operates. However there’ll always be security issues with applications, therefore it is appropriate that a few of the makers are stepping up to cope with this now.”

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