Apple replacing iPhoto with ‘Photos’

Good news for the Mac lovers Apple has decided to upgrade its iPhoto app with its Photo app for better photo editing experience. Apple has rolled out its first pre-released seed of OS X 10.10.3 to testers and developers with the entire new Photo app having support for iCloud Photo Library if u switches it on it automatically saves pictures, videos in iCloud Photo Library in their original format and full resolution. You can access the pictures and videos stored in iCloud Photo Library through any web browser, your iPhone, your iPad, your iCloud and even your Mac. Photos is an improvised version of iPhoto. 85

The problem with iPhoto is that it uses database to keep your photographs organized but when there are bunch of photographs it becomes difficult or almost brainstorming to navigate through these pictures. Therefore, Apple came up with Photo which provides easy navigation and which allows users to organize their pictures in Collection, Moment, Year similarly as in IOS. In Collections you can see the photos to be collected according to month whereas in Year you can find them to be collected year wise.

iPhoto provides very basic editing features like cropping, red –eye fixing, enhance and straighten etc. Photo app comes up with new editing features that allows users to fix exposure, highlights and shadows, adjust contrasts and crop straighten etc. Apple has come up with filters for this app. For Adjustments you are offered three options Left, Right, Black & White. To adjust the picture you can drag the slider left or right on these options. There is also an ‘auto’ feature for each of these options. Apart from adjustments we have various other features like sharpen; noise reduction, white balance and also you can hide or expose the things as per your choice. By zooming out users can see thumbnail view of group of photos.

Users have an option of clearing the space on their devices by keeping a low resolution version of pictures while high-resolutions are uploaded to Apple’s online storage service (iCloud). iCloud Photo library takes into account iCloud storage space. Apple provides each account user with 5GB of space but if u r an extreme photo lover and have enormous amount of pictures you’ll have to upgrade to larger storage plan.

Apple first announced the Photo app in 2014 at annual World Wide Developers Conference. It is expected to be available in spring 2015 and it will be a free update for Os X Yosemite users.


For all the photo lovers Apple has come up with a better photo management app ‘Photos’ for Mac. It has come up has an replacement for iPhoto with outstanding features .It comes with iCloud Photo Library feature(optional to use) that synchronize all your photos across all you device. It is due for release in Spring 2015. If you shoot a picture from your iPhone and place it on iCloud it will automatically sync with all the devices. Several photo editing features that were available with IOS such as panoramic, burst shots, slow motion etc are now available with Mac. Keeping fingers crossed for it to be as successful as other apple products.

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